Where to buy laptop battery?

You have chosen the suitable battery and you are ready to buy it, but where to buy the battery under the most favorable price?

If you have a choice to buy the battery in a local store or in the Internet, it is more reasonable to order a battery online. As a rule, laptop battery price in the Internet is lower, because the Internet shops spend less money on a shop management, warehouse, personnel, so it can set lower prices. At the same time, while ordering a product online you have to wait while your purchase will be delivered.

While ordering the goods through the Internet try not to buy batteries, adapters or other accessories on the manufacturer’s site. As a rule, goods on the manufacturer’s site are overpriced, as large companies spend more money on advertising, site maintenance, besides it is favorable to them to develop a network of small resellers, therefore they sell goods at a higher price.

While choosing the Internet shop, pay attention to the quality of a site, its rating, look for comments of other buyers about this shop.

I hope that now you will be able to find a laptop battery much easier. Good purchase!



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Genuine or Generic laptop battery?

Actually, there is one more important parameter which can essentially affect the cost of a laptop battery. It is a manufacturer. As well as in any other area, the batteries made directly by a laptop manufacturer are called original/genuine, and the batteries created by any other company are called Generic or Replacement. Cost of the original battery and it Generic analogue can differ twice.

A lot of people think that generic laptop batteries cost much cheaper than original batteries because their quality is considerably inferior to the quality of original batteries. But it is not absolutely so.

As you remember, each battery is made of separate battery elements – cells. However laptop manufacturers are not engaged in the manufacture of these cells! They buy cells at other companies, and just assemble batteries from finished components. Precisely the same thing other battery manufacturers do, they buy the same cells at the same factories, and then assembly batteries and sell under this or that name/brand. In this case quality of generic batteries depends only on the quality of assembly, and has nothing on the quality original batteries.

As you understand, a laptop manufacturer will not risk their reputation; their batteries pass the most thorough quality assurance by manufacture. At the same time a no-name manufacturer can save money on quality assurance, and so the batteries made by this manufacturer will be inferior to the quality to the original ones.

So is it worth taking risks and buy generic batteries? The fact of the matter is that manufacturers of generic batteries also understand that buyers are suspicious of their production; therefore they not only sell them under lower price, but also provide longer warranty. So battery manufacturer Denaq gives 1 year warranty for all the batteries. At the same time warranty for Dell batteries makes 6 months. I would like to advise you to buy generic batteries, but the batteries made by known manufacturers who have already proved as reliable ones. I have already mentioned above Denaq company, the manufacturer of laptop batteries, cameras and video cameras. So if you search for the battery, get acquainted with their production.


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How batteries differ from each other?

If various batteries fit your laptop, it is quite difficult to distinguish which battery to choose. How laptop batteries differ from each other?

Firstly, all batteries have different manufacturing technique. However, if earlier on sale it was possible to find the batteries created on the basis of various technologies: Ni-MN, Ni-Cad, Li-Poly, Lithium-Ion, now 90.0 % of laptop batteries are made under Lithium-Ion technology. Therefore you will not have to choose between the batteries created on different technologies.


Secondly, laptop batteries can differ in such insignificant parameters as color or a material which the battery case is made of. Sometimes the difference in the price between batteries of various color can make to 10$, but it is up to you to decide, whether it is important for you that the battery color should suit the color of your laptop. As you understand, battery quality and life do not depend on its color.

Cell count is the key parameter which influences battery capacity, weight, size, laptop battery life, and also its cost. Each battery is made of several cells: from 3 to 12. The more cells are used by a battery manufacture, the higher its capacity is, so the laptop will work longer from such a battery, but the battery size, weight and price also will grow. Therefore, if you have found several batteries which fit your laptop, while choosing a suitable battery, pay attention to cell count in the battery or to its capacity. These two parameters are connected with each other.


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How to find a suitable laptop battery?

The first problem which you have to solve while buying a battery is to find a proper model which fits namely your laptop. Sometimes it can be difficult. There are no universal laptop batteries. Each laptop manufacturer works out various batteries which sometimes do not fit laptops even of the same series. So, the battery for Dell Latitude D630 will not fit Dell Latitude D631. Therefore for a start you should find out the exact name of your laptop model. Besides, each battery has a manufacturer part number which also allows identifying the battery unequivocally.

So, if you know your laptop name or a manufacturer part number for your battery you are ready to search for a new one. I must tell you that it will be better, if you search for the new battery according to the laptop name as it can appear that there can be variety of batteries for your laptop which can differ in price, capacity, manufacturer and other parameters. If you search for the battery according to a manufacturer part number, you will find exact analogue of your battery and miss other more favorable variants.


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Latop batteries

All of us like laptops. They are compact and light; you can easily take your laptop with yourselves when you go to work or when you are on journey or on holiday. But the most important thing is that thanks to a built-in battery, you can work with a laptop even if there is no possibility to plug the computer to power supply.

Unfortunately, the time of laptop independent is limited and may vary from 30 minutes up to 10 hours. Laptop Battery life depends on many factors: what programs you work with, whether you use cd/dvd drive, whether you use wi-fi connections and, certainly, on the quality of a certain laptop battery. It is safe to say that if your laptop is on battery and you use it for surfing the Internet, sending email, chatting or doing any other simple tasks, your laptop should be battery-operated not less than 2-3 hours. If it not so, and you can hardly get from your laptop 60 or even fewer minutes of independent work, it just indicates the fact that it is time to change your laptop battery.

Your laptop battery can wear out on many the reasons. Firstly, sooner or later any battery deteriorates, so the laptop battery life decreases. Secondly, the battery state depends on service conditions. For example, if the battery constantly heats up because of bad cooling system of your laptop or other device, its condition worsens. And at last, statistically, about 1 % of batteries (it is a lot of), gone on sale, has a factory defect, and it means, that such a battery can fail at any moment, even if you bought it just several days ago.

It may happen that you will never face the necessity of purchasing a new battery. But what should you do, if however you have the bad luck, and your laptop battery has failed, or you wish to buy the battery of higher capacity to increase laptop operating time without the necessity of additional charge. I will try to tell you below how to choose the proper battery and not to overpay.


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Travel Batteries

People who have never faced the problem of a dead battery must belong to either those who don’t use portable gadgets or to the lucky owners of travel batteries. Most of us know how it feels when all of a sudden your laptop switches off because the battery is over. The worst-case scenario is when you are, say, in the airport or some other place where the charging of the battery is hardly imaginable. This tough problem can be easily resolved with the help of travel batteries.

What is a Travel Battery?

Basically, travel battery is a simple rechargeable battery that is attached to your laptop so as to give it extra energy. It is very convenient and can be attached to your computer just in a matter of a few seconds. Normally, the travel battery has the capacity that is two or three times as big as that of a laptop. So even if you have to stay unplugged for many hours, you can be sure that this useful device will increase the run time of your laptop and save your nerve.

Your portable computer won’t even notice that it’s attached not to the traditional energy source, but to the travel battery. And you won’t have to wait until your laptop is fully recharged, since you don’t even need to switch it off to continue the run time.

Travel batteries go in various sizes and with various capacities. They can be used to charge such gadgets as laptops, mobile phones and many other portable devices. The battery itself is charged through miniUSB from the wall or a computer.

As a rule, those lucky owners of travel batteries have not regretted buying them.


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Electrical aspect of laptop adaptors

Laptop and all its components is a product of technical progress. With certain physical rules as a basis, laptop’s flawless functioning is achieved through abiding by them. Associated with voltage, wattage and amperage, these rules go beyond operating of your laptop, as they are general for all energy powered appliances.

Defining main terms

Amperage is usually marked AH or mAH and presents rate of current, which is doubtlessly principle characteristic of your laptop’s adaptor.

Voltage is evidently the most strict to adhere characteristic of your laptop. In respect of voltage, marked V, you should be especially careful, since an adaptor with higher voltage is sure to burn your laptop if it is designed for less voltage.

Wattage is another typical characteristic of laptop as well as laptop’s adaptor. It is based on the two mentioned above and is often used for comparing adaptors and batteries. Wattage is marked W.

Rule #1 Never replace your adaptor with higher voltage one

Voltage being the most crucial characteristic of your laptop and adaptor, you should be especially attentive with it. Once significantly higher (above 10%), laptop adapter’s output voltage does damage to your laptop, it actually burns your laptop. So, never buy adaptor with voltage higher than needed.

Rule#2 Seek balance between adaptor’s electrical characteristics and laptop’s requirements

Wattage of your adaptor should be the same or above the laptop’ wattage. Lower wattage is likely to turn out weak to power your laptop and recharge the battery. Moreover, not all applications can get by with limited amount of energy, they simply won’t work if your adaptor’s wattage isn’t enough.

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Battery capacity issue – what is the right option?

The necessity of being mobile and always available online is becoming a must in our life. A lot of people nowadays buy laptops for the simple reason that they can use them on the go. In this respect the top priority is how long you can use your laptop without charging; the importance of your laptop’s battery capacity goes without saying.

What is better: 65 watt-hours battery or 90 watt-hours one?

Simply put, the higher capacity your battery has the longer you can use your laptop without plugging it into a wall. In other words, with a 90 watt-hours battery your laptop is more suitable for using it on the go. Moreover, the technologies are advancing and the same is happening to laptop batteries; they keep on increasing their capacity. Thus the higher capacity is the closer you are to the cutting edge technologies, which have their unquestionable benefits.

Although the whole thing looks simple and clear, the issue is topical all the same.

First, the batteries of higher capacity are normally heavier and larger, as there are more chemicals in them to ensure higher capacity. Being an essential factor for the majority of mobile people, the battery’s weight spoils the general impression of the laptop, making it less portable.

Second, we wouldn’t recommend you to rely on the capacity ratings totally. Scores of times laptops with batteries of 65 and 90 watt-hours capacity have worked actually the same amount of time without recharging. The reason for that lays in the energy consuming processes and the way you use your laptop. If the software is run only when needed and defragmentation is carried out timely, even 65 watt-hours will last long. Alternatively, a 90 watt-hours battery won’t boast for a good run-time, when there is a chaos of a system inside your laptop.

In conclusion it is necessary to point out that batteries of higher capacity are usually better in terms of run-time. Yet one shouldn’t underestimate methods of prolonging batteries run-time, which include regular defragmentation and not using all the application at the same time. Paying no attention to using your laptop in a proper way, you might drastically decrease the capacity of your 90 watt-hours battery.



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Diffirence between laptop batteries

Batteries are all over the place nowadays – in our laptops, mobiles, walkmans. People would become simply divided from the world without all those things of everyday use. That is why the importance of rechargeable batteries has risen drastically over the recent years.

Quality accumulator battery is one of the key advantages of a laptop. Those who have been using their laptops for some time will agree that one of the most terrible things about it is the tangle of wires, which seems to work our nerves. A good lasting battery is a nice solution since it gives both the desired mobility to you and portability to your laptop.

But what makes a battery last long and how are batteries differ? Among the other significant characteristics it is necessary to point out the number of cells and the capacity which naturally two sides of the same coin.

Basically, cell is the minimum unit of a battery that directly influences the run time of your laptop. The more cells the battery has, the larger and heavier it is and the better capacity it has. Consequently, the greater battery capacity means more off-line run time.

As a rule, the number of cell in ranges varies from 3 to 12. Most of laptops today go with 6-cells batteries, which is the most efficient way. The truth is that more cells not only increase the capacity but also make the laptop heavier. So if the portability is the key issue for you, choose the lightweight battery, with fewer cells.

Bear in mind that some manufacturers use WHr characteristic instead of cells in their description of the product. Batteries with high WHr rate last longer.

Finally, the choice of battery should be determined by the way you are going to use your laptop. Long off-line run time and portability should form the basis of your decision.




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Adaptors of different wattage

Without adaptors laptops are absolutely useless pieces of technology. It is adaptors that breathe life into laptops and keep them operating through their lifespan. But for adaptors, we wouldn’t be able to make use of laptops.

To cut a long story short, adaptors transform alternate current (AC) into the required form characterized on certain voltage and ampere ratings. The voltage and ampere ratings are sometimes replaced by watts to show adopters’ capacity. The capacity is sized by wattage. It is calculated according to the following formulae: laptops’ voltage (V) multiplies by Amp-hours hours. For instance, let’s take a 14.8 V with 4.5 Amp-hours. After multiplying we have 66 watt-hours.

Adaptors vary in voltage, output power, capacity and connection. So at the first sight there are a lot of options to choose from. However, when it comes to adapters, matching it with your laptop is top priority. The problem consists in the fact that different laptops require different adaptors.

It is okay to buy a new adaptor for your laptop if the adaptors capacity surpasses or equates to your laptop’s battery capacity. It might even be better for recharging, if your adaptor is of higher capacity. For a laptop requiring 60 W the adaptor of 90 W is perfect option, the one of 70 or 60 is absolutely okay, but not lower. Limitations to the highest adaptors capacity for a 45 W laptop aren’t clear-cut. Some people believe the higher capacity the better. Some prefer next highest watt ratings, which is 55 W in this particular case.

The thing is that adopter has a double function: to recharge the battery and to keep you laptop going when used stationary. While adapters with higher capacity than your laptop needs are acceptable, those with lower are definitely not applicable. They actually might fail to recharge the battery, to say nothing of powering the laptop when it used at a full swing.

Special attention should be paid to adaptors’ voltage. Adaptors, as well as batteries, are likely to cause much damage to the laptop in case they are voltage incompatible. So voltage is a strict rating; however some inaccuracies are acceptable. Your adaptor’s voltage can be different from the voltage your laptop requires within 10% no more.

Now that you are through with the article, the question what capacity adaptor to choose is not a blank spot. If you ever have any problems with your adaptor, you will be able to replace it.

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