Adaptors of different wattage

Without adaptors laptops are absolutely useless pieces of technology. It is adaptors that breathe life into laptops and keep them operating through their lifespan. But for adaptors, we wouldn’t be able to make use of laptops.

To cut a long story short, adaptors transform alternate current (AC) into the required form characterized on certain voltage and ampere ratings. The voltage and ampere ratings are sometimes replaced by watts to show adopters’ capacity. The capacity is sized by wattage. It is calculated according to the following formulae: laptops’ voltage (V) multiplies by Amp-hours hours. For instance, let’s take a 14.8 V with 4.5 Amp-hours. After multiplying we have 66 watt-hours.

Adaptors vary in voltage, output power, capacity and connection. So at the first sight there are a lot of options to choose from. However, when it comes to adapters, matching it with your laptop is top priority. The problem consists in the fact that different laptops require different adaptors.

It is okay to buy a new adaptor for your laptop if the adaptors capacity surpasses or equates to your laptop’s battery capacity. It might even be better for recharging, if your adaptor is of higher capacity. For a laptop requiring 60 W the adaptor of 90 W is perfect option, the one of 70 or 60 is absolutely okay, but not lower. Limitations to the highest adaptors capacity for a 45 W laptop aren’t clear-cut. Some people believe the higher capacity the better. Some prefer next highest watt ratings, which is 55 W in this particular case.

The thing is that adopter has a double function: to recharge the battery and to keep you laptop going when used stationary. While adapters with higher capacity than your laptop needs are acceptable, those with lower are definitely not applicable. They actually might fail to recharge the battery, to say nothing of powering the laptop when it used at a full swing.

Special attention should be paid to adaptors’ voltage. Adaptors, as well as batteries, are likely to cause much damage to the laptop in case they are voltage incompatible. So voltage is a strict rating; however some inaccuracies are acceptable. Your adaptor’s voltage can be different from the voltage your laptop requires within 10% no more.

Now that you are through with the article, the question what capacity adaptor to choose is not a blank spot. If you ever have any problems with your adaptor, you will be able to replace it.

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