Battery capacity issue – what is the right option?

The necessity of being mobile and always available online is becoming a must in our life. A lot of people nowadays buy laptops for the simple reason that they can use them on the go. In this respect the top priority is how long you can use your laptop without charging; the importance of your laptop’s battery capacity goes without saying.

What is better: 65 watt-hours battery or 90 watt-hours one?

Simply put, the higher capacity your battery has the longer you can use your laptop without plugging it into a wall. In other words, with a 90 watt-hours battery your laptop is more suitable for using it on the go. Moreover, the technologies are advancing and the same is happening to laptop batteries; they keep on increasing their capacity. Thus the higher capacity is the closer you are to the cutting edge technologies, which have their unquestionable benefits.

Although the whole thing looks simple and clear, the issue is topical all the same.

First, the batteries of higher capacity are normally heavier and larger, as there are more chemicals in them to ensure higher capacity. Being an essential factor for the majority of mobile people, the battery’s weight spoils the general impression of the laptop, making it less portable.

Second, we wouldn’t recommend you to rely on the capacity ratings totally. Scores of times laptops with batteries of 65 and 90 watt-hours capacity have worked actually the same amount of time without recharging. The reason for that lays in the energy consuming processes and the way you use your laptop. If the software is run only when needed and defragmentation is carried out timely, even 65 watt-hours will last long. Alternatively, a 90 watt-hours battery won’t boast for a good run-time, when there is a chaos of a system inside your laptop.

In conclusion it is necessary to point out that batteries of higher capacity are usually better in terms of run-time. Yet one shouldn’t underestimate methods of prolonging batteries run-time, which include regular defragmentation and not using all the application at the same time. Paying no attention to using your laptop in a proper way, you might drastically decrease the capacity of your 90 watt-hours battery.



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