Electrical aspect of laptop adaptors

Laptop and all its components is a product of technical progress. With certain physical rules as a basis, laptop’s flawless functioning is achieved through abiding by them. Associated with voltage, wattage and amperage, these rules go beyond operating of your laptop, as they are general for all energy powered appliances.

Defining main terms

Amperage is usually marked AH or mAH and presents rate of current, which is doubtlessly principle characteristic of your laptop’s adaptor.

Voltage is evidently the most strict to adhere characteristic of your laptop. In respect of voltage, marked V, you should be especially careful, since an adaptor with higher voltage is sure to burn your laptop if it is designed for less voltage.

Wattage is another typical characteristic of laptop as well as laptop’s adaptor. It is based on the two mentioned above and is often used for comparing adaptors and batteries. Wattage is marked W.

Rule #1 Never replace your adaptor with higher voltage one

Voltage being the most crucial characteristic of your laptop and adaptor, you should be especially attentive with it. Once significantly higher (above 10%), laptop adapter’s output voltage does damage to your laptop, it actually burns your laptop. So, never buy adaptor with voltage higher than needed.

Rule#2 Seek balance between adaptor’s electrical characteristics and laptop’s requirements

Wattage of your adaptor should be the same or above the laptop’ wattage. Lower wattage is likely to turn out weak to power your laptop and recharge the battery. Moreover, not all applications can get by with limited amount of energy, they simply won’t work if your adaptor’s wattage isn’t enough.

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