How batteries differ from each other?

If various batteries fit your laptop, it is quite difficult to distinguish which battery to choose. How laptop batteries differ from each other?

Firstly, all batteries have different manufacturing technique. However, if earlier on sale it was possible to find the batteries created on the basis of various technologies: Ni-MN, Ni-Cad, Li-Poly, Lithium-Ion, now 90.0 % of laptop batteries are made under Lithium-Ion technology. Therefore you will not have to choose between the batteries created on different technologies.


Secondly, laptop batteries can differ in such insignificant parameters as color or a material which the battery case is made of. Sometimes the difference in the price between batteries of various color can make to 10$, but it is up to you to decide, whether it is important for you that the battery color should suit the color of your laptop. As you understand, battery quality and life do not depend on its color.

Cell count is the key parameter which influences battery capacity, weight, size, laptop battery life, and also its cost. Each battery is made of several cells: from 3 to 12. The more cells are used by a battery manufacture, the higher its capacity is, so the laptop will work longer from such a battery, but the battery size, weight and price also will grow. Therefore, if you have found several batteries which fit your laptop, while choosing a suitable battery, pay attention to cell count in the battery or to its capacity. These two parameters are connected with each other.


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