Travel Batteries

People who have never faced the problem of a dead battery must belong to either those who don’t use portable gadgets or to the lucky owners of travel batteries. Most of us know how it feels when all of a sudden your laptop switches off because the battery is over. The worst-case scenario is when you are, say, in the airport or some other place where the charging of the battery is hardly imaginable. This tough problem can be easily resolved with the help of travel batteries.

What is a Travel Battery?

Basically, travel battery is a simple rechargeable battery that is attached to your laptop so as to give it extra energy. It is very convenient and can be attached to your computer just in a matter of a few seconds. Normally, the travel battery has the capacity that is two or three times as big as that of a laptop. So even if you have to stay unplugged for many hours, you can be sure that this useful device will increase the run time of your laptop and save your nerve.

Your portable computer won’t even notice that it’s attached not to the traditional energy source, but to the travel battery. And you won’t have to wait until your laptop is fully recharged, since you don’t even need to switch it off to continue the run time.

Travel batteries go in various sizes and with various capacities. They can be used to charge such gadgets as laptops, mobile phones and many other portable devices. The battery itself is charged through miniUSB from the wall or a computer.

As a rule, those lucky owners of travel batteries have not regretted buying them.


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