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HP PA287A 360606-001 Advanced Docking Station

Compaq/HP Business Notebook nx7400 Docking Station

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Compaq/HP Business Notebook nx7400 Docking Station saves you from the need to unplug and re-plug peripherals each time you take away your laptop or return to your desk.

Docking station is a stationary device located on your desk. You can connect it to a mouse, keyboard, monitor, printer and other devices. After that you won’t have to connect or disconnect these devices. Just connect the laptop to the dock station and you're ready to go.

Compaq/HP Business Notebook nx7400 Docking Station significantly improves your mobility since you receive instant access to 16 different extension ports:

AC Adapter Connector Connects the AC Adapter
RJ-11 modem connector Connects a telephone line
RJ-45 network connector Connects a network interface cable
S-video connector Connects a television or devices such as camera or VCR
Digital-video interface connector (DVI) Connects an external monitor equipped with a digital video interface
video connector Connects an external monitor
serial connector Connects serial devices, such as a mouse or handheld device
PS/2 connectors x 2 Connect PS/2-compatible devices, such as a mouse, keyboard, or external numeric keypad.
USB 2.0 connectors Connect up to five USB 2.0 compliant devices, such as a USB mouse. Also provides additional (sixth) powered USB connector
Parallel connector Connects a parallel device such as a printer.
Monitor stand port
ExpressCard Can be used to plug in serial ATA external disk drives, solid-state drives, wireless network interface cards, TV tuner cards, soundcards, additional memory and memory card readers, external graphics card
Audio-in/out connectors Connect microphone/headphone
HP 135 Smart Charger

135W Smart AC adapter

Compaq/HP Business Notebook nx7400 Docking Station is provided with a 135W Smart AC adapter which means you won't even have to connect your laptop to a power supply. Just leave your old charger at work (or any other place you frequently visit with your laptop), instead of carrying it around in your bag.

Compaq/HP Business Notebook nx7400 Docking Station can turn your laptop into a fully functional desktop computer, while maintaining all of its mobility! This is a Brand New product. It has been tested and validated on HP systems to ensure it will work with your computer.

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Interfaces 6 x USB / VGA connector / audio line out / Mic Jack / DVI connector / S-video port / 2 x PS/2 ports / parallel port / RJ-45 Network 10/100 port / RJ-11 modem / DB9F port / PC card slot / Multi Bay II slot / DB9M serial port / DB25F Parallel An interface defines the communication boundary between two entities, such as a piece of software, a hardware device, or a user The interface between a human and a computer is called a user interface Interfaces between hardware components are physical int
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Compaq/HP Business Notebook nx7400nc4200nc4400nc6120nc6140nc6220nc6230nc6400nc8230nc8430nw8240nw8440nw9440nx6120nx6125nx6130nx6320nx6325nx8220nx8420nx9420
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