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E-Port Replicator with 130-Watt Power Adapter. Dell Parts: CP103, 430-3113. Low Price and Fast Shipping.

Dell Latitude E4300 Docking Station

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Dell Latitude E4300 E-Port Plus Docking Station 130 Watt $159.99 starting at$9.00 -

Dell Latitude E4300 Docking Station is a stationary device which is placed to your table and allows connection of various peripheral devices. With a docking station you will not have to connect and disconnect peripherals to/from a laptop. You will only have to connect and disconnect your laptop from the Dell Latitude E4300 Docking Station. Instead of attaching cables every time, you can connect to networks, monitors, keyboards, speakers and other devices almost instantly.

The Dell E-Port enables you to connect your laptop computer to the following external devices:

Docking connector Connects a Dell E4300 laptop to the E-Port
RJ-45 network connector Connects a network interface cable
USB 2.0 connectors Connect up to five USB 2.0 compliant devices, such as a USB mouse. Three USB connectors are on the left side, and two USB connectors are on the back of the Dell Latitude E4300 Docking Station
AC Adapter connector Connects the AC adapter
DisplayPort connector Connects external monitors equipped with a DisplayPort interface (also HDMI and DVI monitors via dongle)
Digital Video Interface
(DVI) connector
Connects an external monitor equipped with a digital video interface.
VGA video connector Connects an external monitor.
USB or eSATA connector Connects and supports USB or Dell-powered E-Family or standard selfpowered eSATA devices.
E-Monitor stand connector Connects to the monitor stand

Dell 130 Watt 3 Prong AC Adapter

Dell Latitude E4300 Docking Station is sold with a Dell 130 Watt 3 Prong AC Adapter (PA-4E) which means you won't even have to connect your Dell E4300 laptop to a power supply. Just leave your old adapter at work (or any other place you frequently visit with your laptop), instead of carrying it around in your bag.

The Dell E-Port supports the Dell Latitude E4300 E-Family laptop computers, but it is not compatible with any previous series laptop computers.

Dell Part Numbers: CP103, 430-3113, 430-3326, PR03X, XX066, F159G, 07K99K

We recommed

We recommend you to purchase E-View E4300 Laptop Stand or E-Flat Panel Stand along with the Port replicator.

E-View Latitude E4300 Stand allows you to place your Dell E4300 notebook on a comfortable height and relieves you from the need of purchasing an additional monitor.

But if you already use an external monitor, think of purchasing E-Flat Panel stand. The E-Flat Panel Stand is customized to accept both E-Port and E-Port Plus, supports LCD panels up to 24"

E-View Latitude E4300 Laptop Stand E-Flat Panel Stand
Width 8.3 in Width can be defined as the horizontal measurement of the device when placed in its operational position
Depth 7.1 in The measurement between the front and back faces of the object
Height 2.8 in Height is the measurement of vertical distance of device
Power Device
Power Provided 130 Watt Power Provided to a device is the power (or voltage) required by the device to function properly Power provided to a device is measured in terms of Watt
Docking Stations
Interfaces 4 x USB 2.0 / eSATA/USB / RJ-45 Network 10/100 port / HD D-Sub (HD-15) / DVI connector / VGA connector / DisplayPort An interface defines the communication boundary between two entities, such as a piece of software, a hardware device, or a user The interface between a human and a computer is called a user interface Interfaces between hardware components are physical int
This product is compatible with the following systems:
This product can replace (and can be replaced by) parts with following Part Numbers
Compatible Laptops
Dell Latitude E4300E2100E4200E4310E5400E5410E5500E5510E6400E6410E6500E6510
Dell Precision M2400M4400M4500
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