Technical Specifications for Denaq DQ-RF733H 4-Cell 3300mAh Battery for JVC BN and other

Camcorder battery for selected JVC GR Series and JVC GZ Series camcorders. New Lithium-Ion, 3300mAh, 7.4V camcorder battery. Battery is manufactured by DENAQ company. Denaq p/n: DQ-RF733H Add_to_cart
Product Name Denaq DQ-RF733H 4-Cell 3300mAh Battery for JVC BN and other
Product Type Batteries
Current Price $39.89
Color Black The Color of device can be defined as the actual color of the material of which the device is made
Capacity 3300 mAh The total number of ampere-hours or watt-hours that can be withdrawn from a fully charged cell or battery under specified conditions of discharge.
Voltage Provided 7.4 V It is a maximum amount of voltage provided by the power device
Technology Lithium-Ion
Product Part Numbers
BN-VF733, BN-VF733U,
Compatible Laptops
D244US, D247, D250, D250US, D270EX, D270US, D271US, D275, D275US, D290, D290US, D295US, D370, D395, D396, D420EX, D650, DF430US, DF450US, DF470US, DF540, DF550US, DF565, DF590, X5EX, X5US,
JVC Everio
GZ-MG20, GZ-MG21, GZ-MG27, GZ-MG30, GZ-MG37, GZ-MG40, GZ-MG40AC, GZ-MG50, GZ-MG505, GZ-MG57, GZ-MG70, GZ-MG77,
VF733, VF733U,