Technical Specifications for Gateway 6500651 Secondary Bay Battery

This is a Brand New GATEWAY Original Product - Secondary Bay Battery 11.1 Volts 3400mAh Add_to_cart
Product Name Gateway 6500651 Secondary Bay Battery
Product Type Batteries
Current Price $109.00
Color Gray The Color of device can be defined as the actual color of the material of which the device is made
Voltage Provided 11.1 V It is a maximum amount of voltage provided by the power device
Capacity 3400 mAh The total number of ampere-hours or watt-hours that can be withdrawn from a fully charged cell or battery under specified conditions of discharge.
Technology Lithium-Ion
Product Part Numbers
3UF103450P-2-QC-18, 6500651, 6500708,
Compatible Laptops
Gateway 450 Series
450RGH, 450ROG, 450SX4,
Gateway 600 Series
600, 600YG2, 600YGR,