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This is a Brand New Gateway Original Product for M360, M460, 6000 Series Laptop. 14.8V 4800mAh. Buy Online  SQU-413 Battery

Gateway SQU-412 8 Cell Original Battery

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New (Not Used or Refurbished) Not Used or Refurbished  •  Original (Not Generic) Genuine product  •  Shipped from USA Shipped from USA
Interchangeable Parts Cells Capacity Price !Save!
Denaq DQ-SQU-412-6 6-Cell 4400mAh Battery for GATEWAY 6000 and other 6 cell 4400 mAh $76.95 FREEshipping $58.05
SQU-412 Battery for Gateway (Denaq 8-Cell Laptop Battery) 8 cell 4400 mAh $82.95 FREEshipping $52.05
Denaq DQ-SQU-412-12 12-Cell 6600mAh Battery for GATEWAY 6000 and other 12 cell 6600 mAh $109.95 FREEshipping $25.05
This is a Brand New Gateway Original Product
Restore your computers original battery life with a fresh replacement battery. Enjoy the running time you had when your computer was new.

Compatible Models:

Gateway M Series: M360, M460, M680.
Gateway NX Series: NX500, NX550, NX850, NX860.
Gateway MX Series: MX6000, MX6100, MX6400, MX6600, MX8500.
Gateway S Series: S-7700N, S-7710N, S-7500N, S-7510N.
Gateway Series: 6000, 6500, 8500.

Replaces part #s: SQU-413, 6500949, 6500948, SQU-412, 103926, 103329, 106842, 4UR18650F-2-QC-MA1, AHA84224036, 6501096, 6501998.

Product Specifications:

Rating: 14.8V
Capacity: 4800 mAh
Color: Black
Cells: 8 Cells
Technology: Lit-Ion
Condition: Brand New
In Stock: Yes
Color Black The Color of device can be defined as the actual color of the material of which the device is made
Voltage Provided 14.8 V It is a maximum amount of voltage provided by the power device
Technology Lithium-Ion
Cells 8 cell Indicates the number of cell elements used to produce this battery.
Capacity 4800 mAh The total number of ampere-hours or watt-hours that can be withdrawn from a fully charged cell or battery under specified conditions of discharge.
This product is compatible with the following systems:
This product can replace (and can be replaced by) parts with following Part Numbers
Part Numbers
Compatible Laptops
Gateway NX Series NX500NX500SNX500XNX550XNX550XLNX560XNX850XNX850XLNX860XNX860XL
Gateway M300 Series M360M360AM360BM360C
Gateway M600 Series M680
Gateway S-7000 Series S-7500NS-7510NS-7700NS-7710N
Gateway MX6000 Series MX6100MX6124MX6124HMX6128MX6135MX6420MX6421MX6423MX6424MX6425MX6426MX6427MX6428MX6429MX6430MX6431MX6433MX6433hMX6436MX6437MX6438MX6439MX6440MX6440bMX6440hMX6441MX6442MX6444MX6444hMX6445MX6446MX6447MX6448MX6450MX6452MX6453MX6454MX6600MX6625MX6627MX6627hMX6629MX6629hMX6631MX6633MX6633hMX6640MX6640bMX6641MX6641hMX6650MX6650h
Gateway 6000 Series 6010GZ6018GH6018GZ6020GZ6021GH6021GZ6022GZ6023GP6510GZ6518GZ6520GZ6525GP6531GZ
Gateway MX8000 Series MX8500MX8520MX8523MX8525MX8528MX8530
Gateway M400 Series 460B460S460X460XLM460M460AM460QS
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