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This is a Brand New Replacement Battery for IBM for ThinkPad A20/21/22  Series Laptops- thinkPad A20, A21, A22 Battery.

Li-Ion Battery for IBM

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This is a Brand New Replacement Battery for IBM
Lithium Ion System Battery is a rechargeable battery that supports the ThinkPad A20, A21, A22, series Notebooks.

Compatible ThinkPad Models:
ThinkPad A20: A20 Series, A20M, A20P.
ThinkPad A21: A21 Series, A21M, A21P.
ThinkPad A22: A22 Series, A22M, A22P.

Replaces IBM part #s 02K6612 ,02K6614, 02K6615, 02K6616, 02K6617, 02K6618, 02K6619, 02K6640, 02K6644, 02K6645, 02K6720, 02K6767, 02K6769, 02K6770, 08K8025, FRU02K6619, FRU02K6644, IBM IB-A/L.

Product Specifications:

Rating 10.8V
Capacity: 4400mAh
Size: 10.60" x 2.50" x 0.90"
Color: Black
Technology: Lit-Ion
Condition: Brand New
Width 10.60 in Width can be defined as the horizontal measurement of the device when placed in its operational position
Depth 2.50 in The measurement between the front and back faces of the object
Height 0.90 in Height is the measurement of vertical distance of device
Color Black The Color of device can be defined as the actual color of the material of which the device is made
Voltage Provided 10.8 V It is a maximum amount of voltage provided by the power device
Capacity 4400 mAh The total number of ampere-hours or watt-hours that can be withdrawn from a fully charged cell or battery under specified conditions of discharge.
Technology Lithium-Ion
This product is compatible with the following systems:
This product can replace (and can be replaced by) parts with following Part Numbers
Compatible Laptops
IBM ThinkPad A20mA20pA21mA21pA22mA22p
Part Numbers
02K661202K661402K661502K661602K661702K661802K661902K664002K664402K664502K672002K676702K676902K677008K8025FRU02K6619FRU02K6644IBM IB-A/L
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