A part number is a unique identifier of a part used in a particular industry. Its purpose is to simplify referencing to that part.

For example, when specifying a screw, it is easier to refer to "HSC0424PP" than saying "Hardware, screw, machine, 4-40, 3/4" long, panhead, Phillips".

Every notebook component has its own part number. You can use this part number to quickly find the product you need.

Why does one product have several part numbers?

One part can be produced by several manufacturers. A business using a part will often use a different part number than the various manufacturers of that part do.

For example, when referring to a "Hardware, screw, machine, 4-40, 3/4" long, panhead, Phillips":

  • Manufacturer A uses part number "4-40-3/4"-pan-phil",
  • Manufacturer B uses part number "100-440-0.750-3434-A".
  • Manufacturer C uses part number "TSR-1002".

The business using such a screw may buy screws from any of those manufacturer, because they are identical. To identify such screws, the user doesn't want to use any of those manufacturer's part numbers, because

  • it would imply that one manufacturer is acceptable and the other ones aren't, and,
  • it wishes to use a consistent format for the part numbers of all of the parts it uses.

Therefore, the user devises its own part numbering system. In such a system, the user may use the part number "HSC0424PP" for that screw.

The same is true for notebook components. For example, battery for Dell Latitude notebook could be manufactured by DELL, Duracel or some other manufacturer. Each manufacturer will assign its own part number for their product. That means that original Dell battery with part number 312-0102 can be successfully replaced buy Duracel battery with part number 7P806. That is why one battery has several part numbers (312-0102, 7P806). These part numbers identify all other batteries which can be used instead of original one.

How Do I Find the Part Number?

Unfortunately there is no universal way to find part number of every notebook part. To locate part number check your manual first. If you can't find part number in the manual than inspect the part you are looking replace for. Every part should have manufacturer seal with product tech specs, part numbers, warranty information etc. You need to locate information with following tags: MODEL, P/N.

If you still can't find P/N than try to search your notebook manufacturer website for something like "How Do I Find My Battery Part Number?"

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